About Us

1. Basic Information of Physics Discipline

The physics discipline originated from the physics department of Soochow University established in 1914. Many outstanding graduates have been cultivated, including Academician XiaotingRui and currently a high-level teaching and research team is gathering in School of Physical Science and Technology, Soochow University with doctoral degrees of Physics to be issued here. Physics is listed as a key discipline of Jiangsu Province and serves as one of the five supporting disciplines of the national first-class discipline "Materials and Engineering" of Soochow University.

2. Research direction and advantages

(1) Low-dimensional physics and devices: Led by the National Outstanding Youth Professor Liang Li and the YouthYangtze River Scholar JiangfengNi, the research team has achieved a series of fruitful results in the preparation of functional materials and the development of photovoltaic devices. The team has also collaborated with Canadian Solar Inc.in industrialization of nano black silicon technology to increase the efficiency of large-scale solar panels which has so far contributed to commercial benefits of billions of RMB.

(2) Light field Manipulation and wave optics: Under the leadership of OSA Fellow and the National Outstanding Youth Professor YangjianCai, the team is conducting research with international recognition, including coherent structured light fields, metamaterials and photonic crystals. Centered on the major need of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Science Foundation of China, the team is scaling the heights in optics.

(3) Condensed matter theory and computational physics: Professors Hua Jiang and Jian-Hua Jiang, both national youth talents, are leading this young team making key breakthrough in topological physics and computational physics. More than 10 Phys. Rev. Lett. papers have been published in recent years. Especially a Nature paper on topology physics has just been published last December.

(4) Plasma physics: To meet the national key needs on the magnetic confinement controllable nuclear fusion and space plasma physics, Professor YanFeng and Professor XuemeiWu, are actively participating in International Science Engineering (ITER) projects and making key breakthrough in dust plasma, helicon plasma,etc.

(5) Soft condensed matter physics: Founded by National Outstanding Youth and Yangtze River Scholar Professor Yu-QiangMa, Center for Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Interdisciplinary Research, has become one of the best cross-research centers engaged in soft matter physics in China. With the efforts of Professors KaiYang and Xia-Qing Shi and more than 20 faculties, world-wide multidisciplinary collaborations are conducting, gaining world reputation for School of Physical Science and Technology.

3. Talent training goals

Focusing on curriculum ideology and morality, School of Physical Science and Technology of Soochow University aims to cultivate studentswith comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor and suitable for the needs of national construction. All English courses are conducted in both undergraduate and graduate courses with cutting-edge topics integrated not only to promote English proficiency but also international perspective. Application-orientedprojectsintegratingphysics, energy and material science are being conducted to cultivate composite application talents. With complete physics experimental training and solid theoretical training, we hope to cultivate physics professionals with and experimental literacy for innovation and internationalization.

4. Source of students

Students from double first-class universities accounted for more than 20% of our master candidates, including Soochow University, Shanxi University, and Central China Normal University. The rate of high-quality students exceeds 85% for doctoral admissions, including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University, etc. With successive master and doctoral program study and master application assessment, the quality of our PhD students guarantees the excellent research output.

5. Domestic and foreign influence

Physics ranks top 1% in global ESI index and listed 20th domestically; NATURE INDEX ranks Physics of Soochow University No. 6 to 9 among all China universities; Listed 18thin Shanghai-ranking's world-class disciplines (China). The undergraduate Physics majors a national first-class major. China Alumni Association announced that the physics major of Soochow University was 5-stared, and ranked 15th domestically. Long-term cooperation and exchanges are carried out with internationally renowned universities including the University of Toronto, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the National University of Singapore.